Dangerous tree removal, Margate



Joe safely dismantling this leaning Poplar.

Top Branch Tree Services were called on to carry out this Poplar tree removal in Margate. The highways agency had issued a 28 day notice for the removal of this tree as it did not have sufficient clearance of the public highway (which must be 5.2m). The tree was in a poor state and we could see that the stem was hollow. The landowner contacted Top Branch straight away and after accepting our quotation we carried out the work as soon as weather conditions allowed.


Niall slicing the trunk into manageable sections with the 395xp.

Above, Joe can be seen climbing the tree and dismantling it in small sections. Despite the fact that the tree was very hollow, a MEWP (mobile elevated work platform) was not required to access the tree. This was because we had arranged with the customer’s neighbour to use her ash tree as a main anchor point to carry out the work from, ensuring the climber is safe at all times. The picture on the right shows Niall using one of the larger ground saws to slice up the timber which we gave away to a local farmer. All of the branches were chipped, and the chip used locally to make a path. Once we had finished and taken away all of the arisings, we tidied the site leaving the work site exactly as we found it in the morning (or maybe even a tiny bit tidier!)

When a tree is decayed like this it creates a brilliant habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. When possible, it is great to retain a decaying tree to allow it to carry on being a home for wildlife. However this can only be done when humans and property are not at risk.


The hollow stem of the tree.

We are glad we were called out to work on this tree when we did, enabling us to dismantle it in a safe way. If you are worried about a tree and would like some expert advice in Thanet and the surrounding areas, contact Joe on 07715895054, or click on this link to contact us via the website.