Formal Hedge Trimming in St. Peter’s


Our professional equipment always leaves a neat cut

Top Branch carried out some hedge trimming work earlier this week for a regular customer. We trim these hedges every eight weeks, as the customer likes them to stay very neat. Generally we trim hedges once, or sometimes twice a year depending on the hedge. However, the more often a hedge is trimmed, the tighter it becomes and the neater it looks.


Section 3 of 8 completed…


Some hedges grow a lot faster than others. The amount of growth can be dependant on a number of factors. Firstly the hedging plant used to create the hedge; yew hedges, for example do not grow as quickly as Leylandii hedges. Another factor is the environment they are planted in. Light restrictions and competition from other plants can slow the growth of a hedge, as can a lack of water.



The overall effect is impressive. Over 1000 box plants were used to create this design.


If you need any advice on hedge trimming or hedge planting feel free to contact us.