Mockett’s Wood, St. Peter’s

Top Branch were busy last week removing dead Elm trees and dead-wooding several large Sycamores in Mockett’s Wood, St Peter’s. Dead wood was left on site in piles as it creates vital habitat for a woodland ecosystem. The work had to be carried out to ensure the safety of the public enjoying the woodland. Here are a few pictures of us at work:

Mockett's Wood-2

Abseiling down far enough to swing into the next Sycamore tree and repeat the dead-wooding process.

Mockett's Wood-1

Mockett’s Wood – Climbing chainsaw being passed up to the climber to remove dead from this Sycamore tree overhanging the path.

Mockett's Wood-3

Dead wood being removed to keep Mockett’s Wood safe to walk through.

Top Branch enjoy working in Mockett’s Wood because there are some beautiful trees in the middle of an urban environment.  It is a small space that allows people to get back to nature, even if only for 5 minutes as they walk through and use it for a short-cut. It also contains a wealth of wildlife which is interesting to see. To visit their website, click here.