Top Branch specialise in all aspects of tree work and are always happy to offer free advice and guidance on which services your trees or hedges would benefit from. See examples of our different services on our blog and in our gallery.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood creates an important habitat for a wide range of wildlife. However, when trees are over vehicles, buildings or people, it is important to remove to avoid an injury or damage due to the dead limbs falling.

Crown Thinning

This work is generally carried out by climbing with a rope and harness. We move throughout the crown of the tree and selectively remove branches. We select unhealthy  damaged and crossing branches first and always aim for a result with an even density throughout. Crown thinning can increase light penetration through the canopy and can make branches less liable to failure. The specification for crown thinning is always given as a percentage, with a maximum diameter cut that we would make stated within the quote.

Crown Cleaning

This term is used to mean lots of different things, however generally involves removing unwanted vine or ivy from a tree. This can save a tree, and can often make the tree more aesthetically pleasing. Despite this, it is important to remember that ivy can create an important habitat and so where possible we encourage leaving some.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the crown of a tree is a specialist job, which involves cutting back limbs of the tree to make the tree smaller, and/or a more appealing shape. We always aim to leave a tree looking natural when we do reductions, and reduce to growth points, where possible. This reduces the amount of epicormic growth the tree produces (weakly attached reaction growth). We give the specification for a Crown reduction in Metres from the tips, not as a percentage. We also state the maximum diameter cuts we will make when working on the tree.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower branches of the crown. This is either carried out to achieve greater access under the tree, more light to the area around the tree, or to open up a view beyond the tree.


Pollarding is like a crown reduction, but much more severe. It involves cutting the tree back to stems as opposed to growth points, and should be repeated on a cycle to avoid the re-growth from snapping as they are often weakly attached. Pollarding is something we avoid, however is sometimes necessary when a tree out-grows its situation or has a weakness of some description.

Tree Felling and Removal

Top Branch remove trees using modern, state of the art methods to make our work safer and to avoid us damaging targets in the area. We can remove trees in tight, hard to access locations thanks to our narrow access equipment and expert team. Trees we remove are generally rigged down and lowered in pieces to avoid damage to surrounding land and property. On rare occasions we can use directional felling techniques to fell a tree from the base.

Tree Stump Removal/Poisoning

We use a product called eco-plugs to safely poison stumps without damaging wildlife, pets or surrounding vegetation. This prevents stump regrowth. If the stump is in the way of building work, a lawn, a new tree being planted or creates a trip hazard we can grind the stump out using our stump grinder. This turns the stump into mulch which can be left behind or removed by us. Our stump grinder can access very tight locations needing only 25″ access.

Site/Garden Clearance

When brambles, unwanted shrubs and trees have taken over a garden or a worksite, Top Branch can remove these to leave you with a fresh start either for a garden or a development project. We can take on site clearances of any size with our wide range of specialist kit.


Top Branch take pride in the hedges that we care for. Some hedges we trim for customers every 6 weeks during the growing season, but generally once or twice a year is sufficient to keep a hedge tidy. In addition to neatly trimming hedges, we can also reduce overgrown hedges in height and cut them back hard to create smaller hedges.

Tree Planting

We like to encourage planting trees, whether it be to replace a tree we have removed, to create a feature in a garden, for timber value or to create a new hedge line. We are happy to supply and plant trees as well as offering guidance on caring for the trees.

Log and Wood Chip Supply

We cut, split and season all of the logs from our tree surgery operations. We can sell logs dry, or freshly split at a slight discount to allow you to dry them ready for winter yourself. We offer hard woods, soft woods or a mixture of the two. All branch material from our tree surgery operations is chipped, creating a high quality product which can be used as a mulch or weed suppressant in your garden. Please contact us if we can help with woodchip or log supply, and for current prices.