Stump Grinding in Margate

Yesterday morning, Top Branch carried out some stump grinding in a back garden in Margate. The access was very limited, but our professional stump grinding machine is designed with narrow access in mind. We normally cut the stumps much lower than this with our chainsaws, however there were lumps of concrete and other rocks lodged in the stumps.


Trees removed and stump grinding ready to begin.


Ground left level after all of the stump is ground out.

We remove all of the stump using our grinder and take away any excess grindings to leave the site level. The purpose of removing these stumps was to allow for a patio to be built in the space. The large piece of concrete which the Holmoak tree grew around can still be seen in this after photo. We arranged to leave this for the builders to remove when they commence their work. If you need a quote for stump removal, or would like any advice on the matter feel free to contact us.